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Richele Thwing

Owner/ Designer

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My Story

My mission is to help you respond to industry transitions in order to stay connected and competitive. My 27 years of customer service, sales & marketing experience has taught me what it takes to achieve established goals & see success as a result.  This starts with great customer service- proactive and forward thinking dialogue to ensure communication channels are open, clear and understood bidirectionally. I have personally designed and built every site in my portfolio. 100% USA!!

I started this business after working in my community at a non-profit and realized that so many business need small touches to get off the ground.  It may mean a website, simple marketing plan or just someone to hash out their business plan.  Most small business' don't have the means or knowledge of where to start. I saw this as an opportunity to offer affordable services like goal oriented sales/ marketing strategies, website and design and communication campaigns that sizzle so companies attract, retain, and grow their business.  

What little free time I have, I enjoy being outside, hiking, kayaking, and a infatuation with a good sunrise or sunset.  Mom of 3, married to an amazing (also in IT)  husband of 25 years.  Living in Missouri my whole life but have explored most of the US and some foreign countries.  Few more on my list to conquer. 


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